Celebration of Life Videos

Create a tribute to the life of a loved one

Add Photos:

Time to pull out those old photo albums.  Like they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words!”  Digital photos are great, but it is more likely that you’ll be using printed photos.  Bring them in and we will scan them into our computer so they can be edited into the video.  Once complete, a photo CD (or flash drive) can be purchased so you will then have access to digital copies as well.  Your original photos will be returned with the copy of your DVD.

Use Old Family Movies: 

Adding old video clips can give a special look into someone’s life.  You can see them “in action” and hear their voice, just like you remember it.  We are able to work with many different video formats, however, there may be additional costs and longer turnaround times to convert older media types.  For example, it may be possible to use an outside source to convert film media (old 8mm or 16mm film), but it may not be possible to do it in a timely fashion.  Let us know what you have available, and we can discuss the opportunities to use it.

Add a “voiceover”:

Perhaps you have old recordings of your loved one’s voice, or perhaps you’d like to record your voice to be played over the photos.  Read a poem that they wrote.  Tell a story about a memorable moment together.  This extra step can add a very personal touch.

A note about background music:

Any music used for your video must not infringe on any copyright laws.  We have a large library of licensed instrumental music that is free to use in your project. You will receive 2 DVD copies of your video in a custom-labeled case.  (BluRay discs available at additional charge) Copies are available for an additional $20 each.  ($15 each, if 10 or more purchased) Pricing:  Contact us for pricing information 541-846-8281 scot@riverbanksmedia.com