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Crater Drama’s “Seussical The Musical”

Did you miss the show because of the coronavirus cancellations?   Or maybe you already saw the show, but want to relive the adventure? Either way, this DVD gives you the opportunity to experience the fantastical world of Dr. Seuss!

Crater Drama’s performance of “Seussical The Musical” (filmed on Saturday night, March 7th)  is available for purchase on DVD. Order your DVD copy now, and we’ll ship it to you.

Purchase Price = $23.00

(Price = $20.00 + $3.00 processing fee for credit card payment)

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If you would like to order a DVD and pay by check (or cash, although it’s not advisable to send cash in the mail), you may print the order form below, fill it out and mail it to Riverbanks Media along with your payment. This will save the $3.00 credit card fee, but will extend the length of time for you to receive your DVD.

If purchased by cash/check through the mail, your final price is $20.00.